The company implements the strategy of "gold smelting and diversified development.
The use of independent intellectual property rights, unique processing of various high arsenic, antimony, carbon and other complex gold concentrate process technology advantages, perfect operation and management mode, on the basis of improving and enriching the existing production process, production lines, continue to extend the industrial chain, to achieve sustainable development.
Make use of the company's long-standing technology and experience in mining and management, inspect mines at home and abroad, carry out various forms of cooperation, build mineral processing plants according to the grade and characteristics of the mines, and transport all kinds of complex gold concentrates to China after primary selection or initial processing. If it meets the requirements of the company's existing production process, it will be directly recycled; it can also carry out trade cooperation with major domestic gold smelters; according to the characteristics of the mine, combined with the international and domestic advanced production technology, the company's research and development of new technology, the construction of lead and zinc smelting projects, blister copper deep processing projects, etc., to recover a variety of valuable metals, precious metals, improve the added value of products, and constantly achieve new development growth points.
The outstanding talent team, strong scientific research strength, advanced equipment support, intelligent production system and mature management system have fully realized the comprehensive utilization of resources in the whole industry chain, and a new pattern of high-quality development of urban mineral resources, industrial solid waste and multi-element mineral comprehensive utilization industry has been formed.
We use the concept of the whole life cycle to clarify the process of green and low-carbon circular development, clarify the requirements of green development in the whole economic chain, promote green to become the background color of development, and make development based on the efficient use of resources and strict protection of the ecological environment. we will promote the green development of enterprises to a new level.
We say that the concept of environmental protection development in the new era is a kind of practice. Today, Jin'ao Environmental Protection is standing at the intersection of the times, standing at the height of the entire industrial chain, to achieve inter-industry integration, symbiosis, and coordinated development.
In the future, Jin'ao Environmental Protection will continue to uphold the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, attract domestic and foreign capital to continue to move forward, increase investment in scientific research, and innovate utilization models. While leading the trend of science and technology, it will continue to pay attention to and protect the ecological environment, so that natural resources can be green and efficient., High-quality, high-value, large-scale utilization, in the name of responsibility to fulfill the solemn promise of circular economy.
Green is the constant hope, the dream makes Jin'ao environmental protection go further! Follow the footsteps of the green dream and make due contributions to "carbon peak, carbon neutral" and building a better world with practical actions!