The antimony-containing arsenic gold concentrate comprehensive recovery system is mainly for antimony-containing gold concentrate anti-antimony pretreatment to ensure the leaching rate of gold, which is divided into three subsystems:
1. 200t / d antimony-gold separation flotation subsystem. The process used is our company's unique patented invention technology (-production method of comprehensive recovery of antimony-rich gold concentrate), which can make the flotation recovery rate of antimony reach more than 90%, and the gold after separation of antimony and gold The concentrate is returned to the existing "Comprehensive Recovery System of Arsenic-containing Gold Concentrate" to recover precious metals such as gold, and the antimony concentrate produced is sold directly.
Second, 4000t / a cathode antimony comprehensive recovery subsystem. The system uses an advanced alkaline wet process, which can effectively remove antimony from gold concentrates. After removing antimony, the gold concentrates are returned to the company's existing "comprehensive arsenic-containing gold concentrate recovery system" to recover gold, silver and other precious metals At the same time, it produces electrolytic antimony (antimony content ≥92%) and by-product sodium sulfide nonahydrate.
III. 4500t / a antimony refining deep processing subsystem. In this system, cathode antimony is added to the reverberatory furnace to remove a small amount of impurities in cathode antimony to obtain qualified refined antimony, and cast ingot to obtain refined antimony ingot.
The refined antimony ingot is added to the antimony white furnace and heated to a molten state, and then antimony vapor is generated. The antimony vapor is oxidized to generate antimony trioxide dust. The antimony trioxide product is obtained by pulse bag collection and packaging measurement, which can further increase the output value of antimony.