The company's main raw materials for a variety of arsenic, antimony, carbon complex difficult to process gold concentrate powder, currently more than 90% from foreign imports. We have a very wide range of foreign gold concentrate trade information network, partners all over the world, has been with Russia, Greece, Peru, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Laos, South Korea, Canada and other countries customers launched a wide range of cooperation, and with merchants to establish a long-term and stable trade partnership, with a good reputation has been trusted by customers at home and abroad.
The company has independent import and export rights, has a business proficient, strong operational ability of the backbone of the team, can independently complete customs clearance, warehouse, customs clearance, settlement and other related import and export business, often the main payment method is three months of bank spot letters of credit, freight mainly by sea. The total import and export volume of the company ranks first in Haiyang City for three consecutive years.