By learning advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, and adopting advanced high-precision underground gold detection instruments, the company has continuously improved its gold exploration capabilities, especially deep mineral resources exploration and mining capabilities.
The mine is located in Penglai City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Yantai City, with an annual treatment of 500000 tons of ore and an annual output of 0.8 tons of gold. Adhering to the principle of "low-carbon operation, green mining and scientific mining", advanced mining equipment is selected, mature mechanized mining technology is adopted, and safety and environmental protection management is strengthened by strengthening production organization and internal control of enterprises. to achieve the harmonious development of resource exploitation and ecological environment.
The supporting concentrator was built in the 1990 s. After decades of development, it has now formed a production capacity of 1500 tons of raw ore per day. Through the use of on-line detection and automatic control of key process parameters, the production process has been realized. The control optimization of the whole process not only reduces labor intensity, but also maintains and improves the recovery rate, and has achieved green production and no pollution.