Implementation plan of Carbon Peak in the industrial field

Strengthen industry agglomeration and low-carbon development, and further reduce the proportion of non-electric energy applications.Focusing on electronic materials, components, and typical electronic machine products, we vigorously promote the improvement of production processes such as monocrystalline silicon, electrode foils, magnetic materials, lithium battery materials, electronic ceramics, electronic glass, optical fibers, and optical fiber preforms.Accelerate the promotion of research and development and industrial application of polysilicon closed-loop manufacturing technology, advanced crystal drawing technology, energy-saving optical fiber prefabrication and wire drawing technology, and clean production technology for printed circuit boards.By 2025, the application range of continuous crystal drawing technology will be more than 95%, and the proportion of non-electrical energy sources in the lithium battery materials and optical fiber industries will be less than 7% and 2%, respectively.By 2030, the energy consumption of electronic materials and electronic machine products will be significantly reduced.